What we’re about at ADKStay.com

We work out of our love for the Adirondacks!

Like so many others families and friends, our fondness for this beautiful part of the world is summed up in a few words: peaceful, relaxing, and adventurous.

Our team and our families have enjoyed the Adirondacks for generations. Perhaps our experience started by renting a hotel room or two. Maybe we graduated to a small cottage the following summer. Before long, larger camps were sought after, rented, and bought to accommodate our growing families and group of friends!

The search for a Stay in the Adirondacks has not always been easy (take it from our team!). For many, the search for the perfect Adirondack camp or property comes from word of mouth, if you’re lucky enough to have people in the know.

For those traveling from afar, relying on a sweepingly wide rental site covering national and international properties may not always be reliable or give the attention the Adirondacks deserve!

ADKStay.com is a precise and dependable online platform for Adirondack property owners to come together with renters and buyers. It is a place where cutting-edge online tools are used to showcase the real beauty of an Adirondack camp or home. Also, and importantly, owners and renters can communicate easily and securely exchange payments through ADKStay.com with complete transparency.

ADKStay.com is built and supported by a team of customer service agents, digital marketing professionals, and IT experts to ensure the absolute best online renting experience available. We work tirelessly so that you can kick back in the peacefulness of the Adirondacks with your family and friends!