Renting Your Adirondack Camp

“Top 5 Things to Consider Before Renting Your Adirondack Camp”

You did it. You finally have the Adirondack camp that made your childhood dream come true. As much as you idealized that you would be spending every single weekend in the ADKs, life happens. Work and family obligations can often throw a curve ball in the best-laid plans. That doesn’t mean that your Adirondack camp needs to sit empty while you’re away. How about listing your camp as an Adirondack vacation rental on the weekends or months that it’s vacant? It can be an incredibly savvy financial move and a great way to share your amazing camp with others. At we know that this can be a lucrative business venture, as long as you go in with a clear plan.
These 5 points are geared to help you create a foolproof strategy when renting out your vacation home.

1. Do your homework on pricing.

Not all markets are equal. Know your market. Research and ask around to see how much the going rate is for camp rentals. Also, pay attention to the amenities you include in the rental. We’ll hit that in more detail in future blog posts. For now, determine the value of your camp and the perks that you offer to prospective renters, so that you can be on the higher end of pricing for Adirondack vacation rentals.

2. Know the legal side of the operation.

Many places require a rental license and permit before any rentals can take place. Also, it may be worth looking into safety and health code regulations for your area. Does your Adirondack camp complex or subdivision have a homeowner’s association? Make sure to check with their rule book too. Short on time? Then hiring a lawyer to take care of the digging for you can be a safe move.

3. Find a premier platform to advertise your camp rental.

That’s where comes in. We are the ultimate real estate website for the Adirondacks. We are extremely user friendly and have the latest technology to make the entire camp rental listing experience as enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves on having our website do exactly what it’s made to do: help shine a light on the beauty of your Adirondack camp.

4. Find a professional photographer.

Nowadays everyone thinks they are a professional photographer. Not so much. Just because you have the latest phone doesn’t guarantee professional quality pictures of your Adirondack vacation rental. This is the hot ticket item to make sure that you attract the caliber of renters that you want and deserve. A quick Google search can help you find the type of photography you like as well as professional photographers in your area. Don’t skimp here. And, you never know, maybe you’ll land a few beautiful shots to deck your walls. Two birds, one stone. Perfect!

5. Create a clear renter’s agreement.

This is not the time to assume (you know what they say…). You need to outline every aspect of the rental process as well as add in personal touches that will have your guests feel right at home (aka want to come back!). Again, consider the rental agreement like a sieve that separates the level of renters that you want from the ones that you don’t. There’s an Adirondack camp for everyone. Let’s make sure your camp is a magnet for the people who respect and love your home as much as you do.

If you follow these five tips, you will be well on your way to rent your Adirondack camp with the confidence needed to make it a safe and amazing experience.